YAD® is an organic soil and plants revitalizer that enhances the rejuvenation of our soils to enhance crop production, while still fertilizing the crops. YAD® is an ecologically and hygienically sound bio-fertilizer which is processed using advanced biotechnology utilizing organic substances from kitchen food waste and agricultural farm waste, so as to enhance the natural plant immunity, growth and productivity. YAD® helps mitigate against soil infertility, acidity, leaching and release of locked up soil nutrients, leading to sustainable agricultural production and food security.

YAD® can be used on all crops as it is produced to enhance and balance the soil properties so as to enable and support crop production. YAD® enhances the soil microbial biodiversity which is critical for the support of crop production, thus making it a versatile ingredient in crop production.  

YAD Bio-Vitalizer - Packed in 50kgs