The SEM and AVS VORTEX water activator is a patented Japanese water technology, by SAISEIKO, that incorporates the use of both ceramics balls and a special stainless steel pipe that has an embedded spiral triple helix.




AVS Vortex

When water is passed through the AVS VORTEX which has an embedded triple spiral helix it enhances the breakdown of the water molecules into much finer molecules. As the water molecules are broken down, they also get activated with an increased amount of dissolved oxygen. This effect enables the VORTEX to find application in human health, both agricultural and animal production, effluent waste management and industrial process.  

The SEM water activator utilizes the use of the ceramics balls and the AVS VORTEX. This combination enhances the water activation resulting to better human health, crop and animal production, with efficient water utilization.

In Human Health, when we consume water that has been passed through the SEM water activator it enhances the hydration state (ability to retain water in our body cells) and also ensures improved detoxification processes in our bodies cells, resulting to improved health. It also reduces the negative effects of chlorine in our bodies while still eliminating any harmful microbes in the water.
In Agriculture, the AVS VORTEX breaks down the water molecules into much smaller and finer molecules, enhancing the water uptake by the plants, crop growth and reduction of the irrigation water by up to 30% as a result of improved hydration state.
In Animal production, the SEM water activator enhances the hydration state (ability to have body cells hydrate and retain water molecules) that results to improved health. It enhances the reduction of pathogens ensuring that the environment is healthy reducing disease incidences.

In Effluent Waste Management, the AVS VORTEX water activator breaks down effluent the effluent water molecules into much smaller molecules, which in turn makes it much easier for the microbes to biodegrade the contaminants and reduce pollution. This therefore enhances the speed of bioremediation through natural means.

The AVS VORTEX also removes the need and dependence on use of surface aerators that are high on energy consumption and maintenance, as it enhances the aeration through increased dissolved oxygen, while still breaking down the effluent contaminants. The AVS VORTEX is used with water pumps that consume less energy as compared to surface aerators. The AVS VORTEX is made of food grade stainless steel, thus reducing corrosion effects. These aspects give the AVS VORTEX a cutting edge over surface aerators with regard to efficiency, effectiveness and the cost of running and maintenance.
In Industrial processes, The AVS VORTEX water activator helps eliminate pitting and lime scale deposits in boilers and pipes, thus making boilers more efficient and utilize less energy for boiling. The AVS VORTEX eliminates corrosion effect on metallic pipes thus increasing the life of the pipes and mitigating against costs of maintenance. The AVS VORTEX activates process production water thus improving the quality of processed foods and juices.